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B2B Data Lists – Our Approach and Database Example

To find out more about our approach and how can you maximise the chances of success when choosing B2B data providers please read our approach and thoughts below. You can also see a sample of our B2B email data in the graphical representation.

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When you buy B2B data from Astute this is what you can expect.

Types of IT B2B data suppliers

Selecting the correct blend of IT B2B data suppliers to use for your business will depend on the type of services / products your company delivers. As this steers the selection of the target market you look to campaign towards.

There are a number of different B2B data suppliers that address the differing needs of each company. In the below content I look to help you address some of the qualifying questions to determining the best type of B2B data supplier for your business.

Size of company

If you are looking to speak with small businesses, a mass data provider is most likely to be your best approach. These providers look to gather research from various public sources, and overlay their own researched information to create an intelligent B2B database. Data is less likely to be telephone researched as the volume of records in these databases make it unfeasible.

This route also means you are likely to be given an MD or Business Owner type contact to market into as they will most likely make all fundamental business decisions within a small company.

Alternatively approaching larger organisations will need a different type of data supplier. The larger the organisation the more departmentalised the decision making. For example IT decisions will be made by the IT department, HR decision by the HR department and so on. This means to get your message to the right person you need work with a data supplier that specialises in researching the bespoke type of contacts required.

This is where niche data suppliers come into their own, they don’t research all businesses in the UK, but instead focus a higher level of research into a smaller segment of data they know clients are likely to be interested in.

What information can you expect to receive?

It is acceptable to expect to be provided basic company and contact level intelligence from all levels of B2B data suppliers. This would include Company name, address, URL, telephone number, industry sector and an indication of size by either employees or turnover. Furthermore from a contact level the first name, surname, job title. In regards to a business email address, some and not all data suppliers can provide this, but cost will be higher.

When working with a specialist IT data provider you may be able to gain access to additional technical information such as number of PC users, installed server vendor, installed telephone system and more. If approaching a more financially based data provider then think about if credit limit information or parent company / ultimate parent company information could be useful.

Matching data with your content

Purchasing the right profile of data to match the campaign / content you are sending out is of course very important. As an example, sending enterprise level product content to an SMB database will return very little traction while causing some confusion amongst prospects.

However if you make your content very specific it could drastically impact the number of prospects the messaging will be applicable too. Leaving you in a position where you have a well-crafted campaign but a small audience to speak too, limiting the chance of creating an interest.

Finding a balance between mass and targeted content is key. The best approach is to do your research first, qualify with data suppliers how much data is available in the markets that are interesting to you. Then build your campaigns around these reports.

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B2B Email Marketing & Data Lists: How We Can Help

AMS research and own a B2B marketing database that is targeted to gathering information on organisations with upwards of 50 employees. Our data is researched with the goal of identifying the key influencers on IT requirements within a business. In addition AMS are also a UK wide and International data broker, we partner with a range of mass and niche suppliers.

We have great experience in ensuring client data requirements are matched with correct type of B2B data supplier.

To discuss your data requirements please call us on 0800 124 4167.

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