B2B IT Telemarketing has become a finely tuned engine for generating BANT qualified opportunities. Refinement in planning, delivery and reporting on telemarketing campaigns has ensued throughout the last 10 years and continues to evolve as the most successful and reliable route to generating trackable ROI from a marketing budget in the B2B sector.

IT Marketing Solutions

IT technology telemarketing is used as an in-house and outsourced tool by many of the leading IT vendors, distributors and reseller partners in the IT sector. It’s effectiveness in creating direct communication with decision makers and engaging prospects in thought provoking conversations is essential in the IT B2B market and for those that wish to accelerate their IT marketing.

Improve Your IT Marketing campaigns with AMS solutions and services

Our Approach to IT Marketing Campaigns

Our approach to IT telemarketing provides the opportunity to landscape your target market, this means gathering key information that you want to know about target companies. This could be any of the below:

  • Contract expiry dates
  • No of units in place (of a certain technology)
  • Incumbent providers
  • Installed technology solutions
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Future plans and projects

Once you have landscaped your target market and you understand far more about the buying habits, behaviours and setup within your prospects, you can then consider how you are going to approach them with a lead generation campaigns.

B2B Telemarketing for the Technology Industry

IT telemarketing with a b2b and lead generation approach requires solid planning and sales expertise to create an enticing proposition. Thoughts to consider include:

  • What are your objectives from an IT telemarketing campaign?
    • Book appointments for your sales team to deliver
    • Book online conference calls
    • Invite prospects to an upcoming event
  • Are you looking to generate interest in your business or specific solutions your business offers?
    • A new product or service launch
    • Competitor displacement campaign
    • A good win in a specific sector and you want to drive this message into similar prospects
  • Why should these prospects speak to you – do you have a hook?
    • Special offer
    • The prospect will receive a FOC audit of their infrastructure
    • Free trial of the new solution
    • Strategic advantage over the competition by working with you
  • Is there a volume of opportunities you need?
    • How many sales staff are you trying to facilitate with leads
    • What is the volume of leads they can feasibly manager per month
    • What number of leads do you need to reach a sales target based upon a certain lead to close ratio

The above aspects may be common knowledge and are applied readily here at Astute. But a major aspect prospects tell us is in-hand and taken care of, but in reality hasn’t been considered is data.

IT Telemarketing Companies – Choose AMS Refreshed Data Leads

Our data is up to date, which helps to set us apart from other IT telemarketing companies in the UK.

Data information on our IT Telemarketing Leads
Key statistics on our B2B telemarketing database

Constantly Refreshed Telemarketing Database

Once we navigate the initial “our data is up-to-date” and “constantly refreshed” responses by delving deeper with thought provoking questions we quite often are told:

  • We seem to have a low open rate on our email campaigns
  • Not many prospects seem to respond to our messaging
  • Our business to business telemarketing team spend a lot of time researching telephone numbers on the internet
  • I keep seeing duplicate companies in our database
  • There seems to be a number of very small or very large companies in the teams calling list
  • I can’t seem to remove customers from our prospect data, they keep cropping in
  • Forecasting results is very difficult because the data is inconsistent

IT Telemarketing Services from AMS

As data consultants and specialist B2B marketing IT data providers we can support your business with the challenges that data throws at you.

If you need to start from scratch with purchasing IT decision maker data and IT  telemarketing lists or you would like to build on the telemarketing database data you have by refreshing it with new IT marketing lists let us know.

From supplying data to small data management tasks or full scale outsourced data management services; we could be the centralised hub for your data needs.

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