If your organisation is looking to prepare your current customer / prospect database for import into a new CRM database or simply finding the productivity of your marketing campaigns are stuttering due to an aging database it may well be worth understanding more about the make-up of your data. We can help with the below processes to provide an in-depth view & best practice steps to revitalising your contact database.

  • Company / Contact level de-duplication
  • Aged contact / company flagging (old / incorrect data flagging)
  • Suppression of hard bounce contacts
  • Existing data analysis
  • Report to provide overview of volumes of quality data
    (i.e high intelligence population data, low intelligence population data etc)
  • Report to segment customer, hot prospect, cold prospect data
  • Customer / Hot prospect data preparation and formatting for importĀ into new CRM tool
  • Cold prospect data preparation for import into quarantine database

The above list could increase / decrease depending on requirements