AMS provide an all-encompassing data management service to assist with centralising your prospect and customer data repository for both your sales and marketing teams on either a UK or Global scale. As industry leading data specialists we have the expertise to provide a wide range of value added data consolidation, gap analysis and append solutions, data hygiene reports, and data refreshment tools. As a customer, our data management service provides your marketing & sales teams a data support group ready to supply the data exports you need, suppressed against current customers, and selected using your required industry sectors, geographical regions, and technical profile five days a week.

This solution is ideal if you perform high volumes of direct marketing campaigns targeting into numerous datasets opening the door to marketing wastage, such as mass data duplication, targeting current customers with in-correct material and the challenge of keeping a mass database fresh & up-to-date.


Inputs (Load)

Contact and Company Level
Onshore and Offshore
Contact Appends
Target Functional Heads
Email Appends
Company Profile Field Append Feed
Suppression and Flags
Customer Data
Active Prospects
Opt-out Records
General ‘other’ Suppressed Records

Output (Feed)

Data Analysis Overviews
Tailored Market Analysis
Campaign Marketing Record Level History
% Opt-in Opt-out
On-going Third Party Data License
Campaign Data Segmenting & Exporting
Forecasting Annual and Quarterly