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AMS IT Focus database contains a wealth of high value company, technical and contact level intelligence. Through researching organisations with a strategic element of focus on IT / Telecom operations AMS can provide detailed company insights to enhance your marketing application. The below provides a snapshot of the available high value information within the AMS database.

Key Statistics

  • 56,000 Technical Decision Makers
  • 8,719 Multiple Site Organisations
  • 3,090 Installed Security Vendor Profiles
  • 2,844 Installed Middleware Vendor Profiles
  • 8,608 Installed LAN Vendor Profiles
  • 1,712 Installed Storage Vendor Profiles
  • 7,644 Installed Server Vendor Profiles
  • 17,206 Installed PBX Vendor Profiles

25,473 organisations
20,896 Commercial sector organisations
3,791 Public sector originations
791 Non for Profit organisations