Are you a vendor or distributor managing a range of reseller partners and supporting them with marketing funds to run their own activity?

The success of these campaigns can hinge on the quality of data your partner delivers the campaign on. Traditionally reseller partners accumulate data over time and build a large unverified database. The partner will then utilise marketing funds to support telemarketing and email marketing campaigns into these varied databases.

RESULT – hampered productivity.


AMS are evolving the way data is required to be managed on a large scale in the modern era to support channel development programmes. Our tailored AMS credit programme model offers the ability for either the vendor or distributor to focus funds to procure data credits. These credits can then be distributed, similar to the way marketing funds are provided throughout the partner network.
These credits are then transferrable for AMS data records, with the license of the data assigned to the partner and not the vendor (liability correctly aligned). We’ll also monitor data usage and keep tabs to make sure your partners are using the credits as you intend them to.

How this works in practice

Credit Programme Benefits

The programme allows you to safeguard the marketing investment made, by ensuring the data utilised by partners on a campaign is of the highest quality.

The data is telephone researched on average every 3 months, full of key IT decision maker contacts and intelligent technical data fields. These aspects help increase the decision maker contact rate of telemarketing, allow for greater segmentation and focusing on email campaigns resulting in higher marketing productivity.

Benefits on a vendor / distributor level include clear concise reporting to show which partners are utilising data, and the segments of data they are focusing on.

AMS will perform data management in the background stopping different partners marketing into the same sets of data in a similar time period, removing conflicts of interest. Reporting will be provided to clearly track volume of credits remaining on the credit programme.