12 Month Multiple Use License Option

Purchasing data on a 12 month multiple use licenses gives you unlimited usage rights on the data file for a full year. Over the course of the year, any contacts in the dataset that opt-in to further communication with your business, either via email, telephone, or mail then become your property.

At the end of the contract period any contacts who have not opted-in for further communication need to be removed from any databases they are held in. The other option is to renew and refresh the license and contacts in this dataset for a further 12 months.

At the end of a 12 month period all datasets will be out of date and require refreshment to ensure productive marketing continues. Therefore a 12 month license is an excellent option to serve as a reminder to keep the hygiene of your marketing database up together.

Eternal License

Astute Marketing Services do now offer eternal license options to procure data. As a customer you will be required to sign a license agreement to ensure sole usage of the data. However you will be able to perform marketing into this dataset for an unlimited time period. We would still advise refreshing any datasets after a 12 month period to ensure productive marketing continues.