AMS are the leading company to help you with your IT B2B marketing campaigns. Read on below to find out more about B2B marketing and how we can help and support you with high quality, GDPR compliant mailing lists, data, and contact information for the IT industry so you can plan and execute the most effective campaigns this year.

What is B2B Marketing?

Astute Marketing Services (AMS) - one of the leading agencies for IT data lists
One of the leading agency companies for B2B mailing lists.

As the name suggests, B2B marketing involves the conducting of transactions between two companies, rather than on a business to consumer basis.

Although there are grey areas where B2B and B2C appear to merge, there are some fundamental differences that set them apart.

In very general terms, B2C marketing tends to be simpler, faster and more large-scale, whereas B2B marketing campaigns are often complex, and require careful cultivation.

At AMS we can help companies accelerate their marketing and sales campaigns with our unique and specialist approach to B2B IT marketing.

We have refreshed and up to date, GDPR Compliant IT B2B marketing data that you can use on a variety of subscription or access models.

IT B2B Marketing Lists

For more information on how our IT B2B marketing lists can help you and your business please contact us today so we can lead you through the complex processes of getting your B2B marketing campaigns delivering.

It’s not uncommon for people to still associate B2B marketing with cold-calling and brash advertising. But actually, the modern-day reality is vastly different.

Within the last fifteen years or so, the business to business industry has experienced something of a digital revolution, which has seen the rise of social media and concepts like content marketing replace traditional, ‘hard-selling’ tactics.

In fact, the B2B marketing process is becoming increasingly versatile, as trends shift towards more personalised and behaviour-based approaches.

Refreshed B2B Marketing Data

This is where we can help, as we are the UK’s leading company to help you with our B2B direct marketing services including up to date lists, databases, and contact information for the leaders, decision makers, and directors in the IT industry.

Key Considerations

If you’ve ever worked in a B2C based role, you’ll be all too familiar with the infamous “the customer is always right” mantra. But this is taken to another level in the business to business industry, where customer dealings are more important than ever.

The fostering of relationships between businesses is one of the most valuable aspects of business to business, as this allows long-term partnerships to be built. And never underestimate the importance of word of mouth: keeping your customers happy can open doors to other industry contacts.

For these reasons, it’s crucial client expectations are at the forefront of every decision throughout the B2B marketing process.

This is another point on which B2B differs from B2C, because client expectations are significantly higher. As fellow business people, your customers will look not only for results, but for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our Carefully Managed B2B Marketing Database Gives You Peace of Mind

B2B marketing campaigns have to be carefully structured and individually tailored in order to meet these requirements. With our constantly refreshed and managed IT B2B marketing data you can have the peace of mind that our IT marketing leads are engineered to deliver results.

AMS B2B Marketing Companies
The AMS data lists are comprehensive, segmented, and up to date.

The Pitfalls of B2B Marketing

In comparison to B2C, the B2B industry is considerably small. This poses two key disadvantages for businesses: smaller buying pools, and increased competition. Having a limited customer base makes your clients all the more valuable, so managing them correctly is vital.

Get it right, and you’ve got a great, and probably long-term, business partnership. But get it wrong, and the consequences could be detrimental to your business.

In IT B2B direct marketing, the loss of one large account can be enough to damage and potentially destroy a company. Working with AMS helps to ensure that you can maximise the opportunities at hand, and run campaigns that will deliver a positive ROI with our IT b2b mailing lists and segmentation.

Another setback typically experienced in B2B marketing is the lengthy buying cycle. To put it bluntly: B2B deals do not happen overnight. Rather, they have to be nurtured, ensuring client confidence every step of the way.

The reason that the B2B purchasing process is such a long one is because deals often involve a greater level of commitment: orders are typically high value and placed in bulk, so it’s easy to understand why clients need ample thinking time.

It’s also important to remember that the person you’re liaising with is buying on behalf of a company, not on an individual basis.

AMS Help to Make Sure You Contact the IT Decision Makers

There will be a chain of decision makers in place to oversee transactions, which can make reaching an outcome a (sometimes painfully) long process. At AMS we have the most comprehensive list of IT decision makers in the UK, as well as multiple geographic areas globally.

How AMS Can Help With Your Campaigns

The process of nurturing your prospects in the B2B market can only be effective if you’re delivering to the right people in the right companies.

Now, this may sound simple enough, but the reality is that finding these people can be a tricky and time-consuming process.

Enter AMS!

As a leading research organisation, we provide clients with highly qualified IT B2B marketing data in your defined target criteria.

Our expertise in researching organisations, gathering data and processing intelligence make our services a win-win situation for clients: improve the quality of your data, and maximise efficiency by freeing up your staff to drive more sales.

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