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Direct Marketing Lists for IT Industry
Key statistics on the AMS Marketing Database for direct mailing services for the IT industry.

An Overview of Direct Marketing

Despite the industry experiencing something of a digital takeover, marketers should not disregard the effectiveness of direct mail as an advertising tool. Online approaches may have become the norm in the marketing world, but therein lies the appeal of direct mail: it is an age-old approach that invokes a sense of familiarity within the recipient.

Many consumers are sceptical of the security of emails from unknown direct marketing companies, meaning they are quick to hit the “junk” button. But by physically placing your collateral into the hands of your customers, the possibility of hesitation is significantly reduced.

Key Considerations for Direct Mail Campaigns

At the same time, businesses must remember that they are challenged with appealing to a generation of millennials who will typically recognise online advertising as a more natural form of correspondence. For this reason, it is perhaps unadvisable to focus solely on direct mail marketing.

Rather, employing an integrated approach that combines digital marketing methods such as email and social media with direct mail will almost certainly prove more effective.

It’s also worth remembering that a prospect is unlikely to take immediate action after just one communication from your business, so a cohesive approach creates the opportunity for multiple engagements to build long-term interest.
Direct mail marketing exploits the natural sense of human curiosity that is ignited by receiving physical mail, so it’s vital your collateral is as appealing and engaging as possible.

Just as an email subject line is pivotal in igniting the interest of the recipient, so too is the format and content of your mail.

Fortunately, physical collateral has the advantage of being highly customisable, so there is more room for creativity. This means marketers can explore different formats, allowing them to tailor their content to different audiences.

Pitfalls of Direct Mailing

Aside from a platform subscription, the cost of sending out promotional material via email or social media is relatively low.

Direct mail marketing, on the other hand, is neither economically nor environmentally friendly.
From employing a creative team to mass printing and postage, the cost of producing physical collateral quickly adds up.

For this reason, direct mail marketing is often not a possibility for small businesses or self-employed professionals.

All marketing activity is governed by those three important letters (ROI), so organisations need to be able to guarantee a certain level of response in order to justify the initial investment.

But how can businesses measure this response? As the art of email marketing becomes more honed, automation platforms are introducing a whole host of analytical tools that allow you to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Having visibility of the number of opens, click-throughs and unsubscribes allows marketers to pin-point where the breakdown in the user journey is happening, and easily split test material to refine their marketing approach. When it comes to direct mail marketing, however, it’s difficult to ascertain the effectiveness of a campaign.

Other than offering some kind of response mechanism (such as a survey), there is no way of tracking how many people even opened your mail, let alone visited your website or utilised you services as a direct result of your mail campaign.

How AMS Can Help With Direct Mail Services

Because of the costs associated with direct mail marketing, it’s important to minimise the potential for wastage. The single most effective way to do this? Ensuring you have the right mailing list. Sending mail to a contact that no longer works at your target company, or to an incorrect address, will significantly dent your ROI.

This is where AMS come in. We provide telephone researched data that is constantly being checked and cleansed, ensuring it is accurate and up to date.

This means we can confidently put businesses in contact with the key IT decision makers within their target organisations, guaranteeing their mail will land on the desk of a critical player in the decision making process.

There are many components that together make a successful direct mail campaign, but as with any marketing approach, promoting your company to the right people must always be the end-goal.

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