Email marketing in the B2B IT industry is a cost effective method to getting your message out. It is extremely measurable, want to see who has opened or interacted with your email, well that’s all possible with targeted email marketing campaigns.

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Our IT email address list and tool allows you to drive a personalised message into a carefully selected target market. Behavioural information can then be used to dictate future content to be sent to prospects.

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It Still Works in the B2B Marketplace

In the marketing space a number of people believe email marketing is a dying tool and not producing the responses it once did. These thoughts seem greatly exaggerated when you consider it is still the most used tool for direct communication in delivering both personal and marketing messages.

The improved delivery practices, advanced designs and strategic integration with other channels means that email continues to thrive and continually proves its worth.

IT Email Marketing Services Can Produce Positive ROI recently produced a report that looked to answer a number of heavily asked questions by marketers:

  • Can social media produce more or less effective results than email marketing?
  • What frequency should I send IT email communications out to my prospects?
  • Is there a proven method to segmenting my lists?
  • Help, I need guidance with creating enticing email copy, what is the best route?

The report highlighted some compelling findings, most notably that 60% of marketers could confirm that email marketing was generating an ROI. Many other marketers could not track or had not tracked this information.

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How direct email marketing can produce a positive ROI.

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ROI from email marketing comes from marketers with a clear plan and strategy to follow. Unfortunately there are many users of email marketing that don’t have such a plan.

Instead a cave man approach of sending out 25,000 emails with the same message is still applied, the famed scatter gun.

If you are considering looking at email marketing into B2B IT contacts or would like to drive your email strategy further, let us give you some friendly thoughts to consider:

  • Focus your message
    1. All marketers know they should focus their messaging to appeal to a tailored IT data list, however sometimes content ideas can be difficult to conjure. Why not consider generating customer testimonials, case studies, create market assessments for specific industry sectors or sizes of company, drive a regional message, or considering targeting by different functional heads. These are just a small list, but could get you started.
  • Get creative
    1. There is nothing worse than receiving a text based email message, within seconds it will be closed forever and deleted. So think relevant images, flow diagrams, intelligent models, video, and animation, open your creative mind and get the ideas flowing. If this isn’t your strong suit then outsource to people who can help.
  • Data strategy
    1. Keep your data up-to-date, an old stagnating marketing database that doesn’t receive any refreshment work won’t help your campaigns succeed. Consider monitoring your internal calling teams to make sure important information is being updated. If you are looking to buy IT decision makers keep in mind how much data you need, what sectors are you looking to target, do you need to suppress out current customers or data you already have? Talk to a data consultant for some guidance
  • Integration
    1. Once you have done the hard-work in creating engaging content, it’s now time to spread the word. By joining the forces of email marketing with website blogs, social media, mobile engagement, banner sponsorship and potentially PPC you are giving your campaign the best chance of success. Email may reach some prospects, whereas social media will be better to reach the LinkedIn pros out there.


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All of these steps are important and although AMS are not claiming to be email marketing specialists we can give you a few thoughts to consider.

We are however B2B marketing data specialists who can help you navigate the murky waters of data management and data purchasing with our options for businesses wishing to buy an email list for the IT sector.

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