AMS are able to provide you with up to date and fresh B2B leads specific to the IT and technology industry. As one of the leading IT lead generation data companies we can help and support you with your B2B sales and marketing with our bespoke list data.

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IT Leads in a Competitive Market

The IT industry is a very competitive market place, we know there are around 1850 gold level reseller partners vying for business. The volume of vendors operating across storage, server, security, telecoms and networking solutions is increasing.

Finally you have new sub-sectors such as ‘cloud providers’ and ‘software optimisation vendors’ within the technology sector adding even more players to market.

The majority of these vendors hold direct touch teams, and also operate a distribution and retail channel. At each level communications are being driven out to technology decision makers aiming to place their services or products at the top of the stack for consideration.

lead generation for it services
Key statistics on the AMS Marketing Database

IT Lead Generation: Multiple Channels

Multiple channels to communication are used to help drive lead generation, these include:

  • Telemarketing
  • Email marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Event Registration
  • Exhibitions
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Media
  • Online marketing

Each of the above avenues use very different techniques to attract the attention of IT decision makers. Telemarketing is a very direct approach that is good at getting quick answers and finding out precise details on upcoming projects.

IT Sales Leads from Astute

IT Sales Lead Generation with Email Marketing

Email marketing adds a visual element to communication and allows you to reach out to a number of decision makers with one email campaign. We can supply you with up to date and fresh data for email and IT lead generation.

Exhibitions are an excellent way of networking with un-expected prospects and actually allowing prospects to view your solutions in real-life. Marketing automation adds strategy to the mix, creating ‘streams’ that guide prospects through your product information depending on their behaviours.

The unifying element to all of these approaches is defining your target market and creating a message that is receptive and creates a response.

If you don’t get the first aspect right, then no matter how good the content is the campaign won’t succeed.

At this stage it’s important to consider:

  • Who is your target market in terms of
    • Size of company
    • Industry sectors
    • Region
    • Decision makers roles
  • If you already have a prospect database then consider
    • How up-to-date is your information
    • Does your information align correctly to your target market?
    • Are you covering the whole of your target market or do you think there are companies you are missing?
  • If you need to consider purchasing new data, it is worth selecting a data partner carefully
    • Although there are low-cost data-sets on the market, if these don’t achieve what you need, you’ll only end up paying again for another higher costs dataset and would have lost ground on delivery timeframes
    • There are a number of niche data providers depending on what market you operate in, for example IT providers could select AMS as a niche data provider, whereas construction companies could select a construction data specialist
    • How much data do you need to achieve your goals
      • If you have 2 telemarketers making 40 calls each per day you could need 1500 records to keep them productive each month

Lead Generation for IT Services and More

Astute Marketing Services are a unique kind of data provider, we consult our clients on the best approach to purchasing data based upon channel to market you are looking to take.

If your business needs to find marketing and sales leads in the IT industry, to IT staff, or any other aspect to the technology market, then get in touch with us today.

We offer a range of options to accessing our IT B2B data and through understanding your needs we can tailor these options to provide the best approach.

Why not contact us today to enquire about our IT lead generation data and find out why we are viewed as one of the very best data lead providers for IT lead generation companies.

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