The AMS data is ideal for those planning and marketing an event aimed at the IT industry or technology market. We can provide you with an exhibition database containing up to date contact information for IT decision makers, directors, and business owners meaning you can invite the attendees that your event needs.

IT Trade Show Database Contacts – We Can Help

For more information on how we work and how we can provide you with those relevant leads please feel free to get in touch with one our consultants. We can then tell you more about the following services we can offer when it comes to IT industry contact data:

  • Expo database contacts
  • Trade show data lists and database leads
  • Event registration data lists
  • B2B event data supply
  • Exhibition email marketing lists

IT Event Attendee Email Contacts: Our Data

Contact data for IT event attendees
Key statistics on our IT event, expo, and trade show database contacts

Why Should Host an IT Industry Event?

The marketing industry is constantly evolving, with social media and marketing automation platforms revolutionising the way organisations reach out to their customers. But despite the emergence of these modern methods, it’s widely undisputed that good old-fashioned face to face interaction remains the most effective way to engage your audience.

After all, they do say actions speak louder than words!

When done right, events tick two big boxes for businesses; exhibitions and events provide great brand exposure (something that’s vital in an increasingly saturated market), and they generate high quality leads.

In fact, it’s widely believed that events and exhibitions produce a higher quality of lead than alternative forms of marketing.

And why is this?

Physically getting in front of your audience is the best way to effectively convey your company focus, and stimulate interactions with prospective customers. It also enables you to ascertain what stage of the buying journey your attendees are at, and tailor your messaging accordingly.

But of course, without having the right attendees at your trade show, event, or exhibition a lot of these efforts will go to waste. That’s where AMS can help as we are able to give you accurate and up to date segmented IT trade show data and contact lists databases so you can make sure you invite the right set of people to your exhibition.

Email contacts for event marketing in the IT industry

Key Considerations

Events have the capacity to leave a lasting impression, so it’s your chance to really let your company shine. But to maximise success, you need to plan meticulously.

Every aspect of your event needs to be built around your customer, so their needs and expectations must be at the forefront of all planning decisions. The core elements to consider are:

  • Location – Distance can have an impact on attendance rates, so selecting a central location and inviting neighbouring businesses is the best way to maximise your turnout.
  • Timing – Practicality has to play a part when arranging the time of your event, as you’ll need to allow for your audience’s busy schedules. Breakfast events, as an example, tend to have a lower attendance rate compared with evening ones because they are less convenient.
  • Theme & Content – Your audience will be sacrificing valuable time to attend your event, so you need to convince them that there is enough value in the content to justify their presence. You’ll need an appealing topic (think current industry issues/trends/pain-points) and a prominent speaker to convey this.
  • Type of Event – From seminars to workshops, the style of event you select is dependent on your end-goal. Want to showcase your products and services? An exhibition could be most suited. Want to acquire new business contacts? A networking event may be your best bet.


Remember the nerves and anxiety you felt when you threw your first party? Would anyone actually turn up? Would they have a good time?

Well, those are common concerns for event organisers too. Poor planning is the single biggest cause of failed events, so it’s vital you do your research and perhaps even consider bringing an experienced planner onboard.

The first thing to map out is your budget. By the time you’ve factored in the costs of catering, speakers and venue hire, events don’t come cheap.

We all know that life is full of unexpected costs, but not accounting for these is one of the biggest traps that event planners fall into.

Setting a budget that has some flexibility will ensure your event doesn’t break the bank, but doesn’t compromise quality either.

Thankfully AMS services are priced very competitively when it comes to helping those running events in the IT industry with targeted attendee lists and trade show database lists. Contact us today to find out more how we can support you, including supplying data for IT exhibition email marketing lists.

Now unfortunately, whilst you may be able to manage your budget, there are some circumstances beyond your control.

Hectic schedules and last minute meetings mean some degree of delegate drop-out is inevitable, and not accounting for this could leave you with an embarrassingly empty venue, and valuable seats left unclaimed.

The solution? Seasoned event planners will combat this by calculating their expected drop-out rate, and over-booking the event accordingly.

Where AMS Can Help

If you want to maximise the success of your event from a lead generation perspective, you need to ensure you’re reaching out to the right people. This is where data quality makes all the difference and how the AMS approach to IT trade show database contacts is unique.

AMS are the industry experts when it comes to focused data sets. We hold a UK wide database of over 52,000 IT decision makers, which is telephone researched every 3 months.  This ensures our data ticks three big boxes for clients: it is accurate, up to date and segmented by criteria.

So if you’re unsure of the quality and accuracy of your CRM database, why not eliminate uncertainty by utilising a targeted B2B list specifically designed and segmented to increase attendees at IT events and exhibitions.

Use the button below to talk to us today about our IT exhibition database services, and our approach to trade and expo contact lists.

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